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A group of dedicated practitioners determined to outreach and educate the global community on complementary alternative health choices.

Welcome to The Women In You. Our website was created to give you an overview of the various avenues you can explore to holistically improve your health, strengthen your body, broaden your mind and enhance your spirit. Please take a moment to browse our website and visit some of the practitioners herein to explore their ideas as you proceed in your journey to live a long, beautiful, holistic life.

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The United Way of Greater New Bedford, 2014 “Seeding is Believing Award” was presented to Jacqueline Bonfiglio-Naja. This award is given to recognize an individual for their longstanding, dedication and commitment to the spirit of community building.

The Women In You is proud to have been awarded grants in 2010 and 2011 from the United Way of Greater New Bedford. Their Community Building Mini-Grant Program helps us continue our outreach to the community with information on alternative and holistic health choices.

A special thank you to Claudia Kirk, Program Director for her passion and continued support in helping us secure these grants.

In 2012, Jacqueline Bonfiglio-Naja, the Women in You founder pays it forward by participating in the United Way Community-Building Mini Grant Program Review Committee. 2014… Looking forward in continuing to assist the program.

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Living Healthy with Your Health Potential
Host: Sheryl Worthington-Turgeon

Living Healthy with Your Health Potential, in association with The Women In You, is an alternative and holistic health program airing on local cable access, internet, YouTube and PegMedia. Living Healthy brings you interviews with professionals dedicated to help keep you Living Healthy.

Visit our Living Healthy pages to view episodes.


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