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With Host Sheryl Worthington Turgeon, MPH, CHNC

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Eames
Recorded On SEPTEMBER 17, 2009
School is in…Keep the flu out by boosting your immune system naturally.

Sheryl Worthington Turgeon of Your Health Potential, talk show host for Dreamvisions 7 radio interviews Dr. Jennifer Eames of Marion Chiropractic, for a discussion on how to get a natural boost for flu season. 
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OCTOBER 22, 2009, 7:00 p.m.
There’s more to breast health than finding a lump!

Sheryl WorthingtonTurgeon talks with Jackie Bell, Natural Medicine Consultant and Host of HealthWise Alternatives cable TV show, about Holistic Breast Health, the FDA-approved European Thermography Screening, and what every woman can do to prevent breast disease.
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